Whiplash-Nosey Drinking Cup

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  • Can be used while wearing a cervical collar
  • Shaped to direct flow to the center of mouth

Makes drinking easier for people who find tipping the head back difficult or impossible because of a stiff neck, use of a cervical collar, oral-motor limitations or a limited range of motion of the head and neck.

The 8 oz. (237 ml) cup has a high side with an extended contoured lip for easy no-spill drinking. The opposite low side prevents interference with the nose or eyeglasses. The cup has a smooth tapered shape that fits the hand, a 2¨ (5.1 cm) diameter bottom and overall height of 4 7/8¨ (12.4 cm).

Molded of translucent plastic, the cup is dishwasher and autoclave safe.

Patented in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and The United Kingdom.