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Vee-Zee™ C5 Reacher - Folding

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• Toggle Operated
• Left or right hand, adjustable supports

Designed for people with severe arthritis, spinal injuries, wrist deformities or minimally functional trunk musculature.

Does not require finger function. It is operated from a T-shaped toggle lever at the top, instead of a conventional trigger and can be operated with the mouth. The arm support relieves virtually all stress on the radial side of the wrist while the wrist support prevents non-functional wrist extension. In the case of flexion, the support on the inside of the palm grip helps to control ulnar deflection of the wrist. The supports may be formed to individual requirements or moved from one side to the other to accommodate left and right hand use.

Constructed from a lightweight, sturdy aluminum channel with rubber-lined claws that open to 3 1/2¨ (9 cm) and close completely. A hook-and-loop fastener button latches the halves in the folded position when not in use. Overall length 36" (91 cm), folded length 20" (51 cm). Weighs only 11.5 oz. (.326 kg), shipping weight is 1 lb., 6 oz. (.63 kg).

U.S. Patent #4,613,179