Stay Bowl, White/Light Gray

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Stay Bowl non-skid bowl with handle helps people who have difficulty eating due to lack of upper body and/or extremity control

  • Ergonomic, soft-feel handle balances and stabilizes the bowl on the table while simultaneously providing support to the upper body enabling a more controlled movement of food to the mouth
  • Lifting rim, opposite the handle, provides extra stabilization when lifting and transporting the bowl
  • Spouts on both sides of the bowl allow for controlled flow of liquid from the bowl to the mouth
  • Unique design helps eliminate spills while transporting or eating away from a table
  • Non-skid base prevents sliding
  • 10 oz. (473 ml) capacity allows for 3/4" (1.9 cm) from the fluid to the rim of the bowl
  • Made from polycarbonate; scratch resistant and dishwasher safe

Warning Reproductive Harm